About Us

Downsideup Games is a small games company, based in Sunnyvale California. We provide online computer and video games for your phone, tablet and PC/Mac. Our company specializes in designing adventure, puzzle, and strategy games with rich, colorful graphics and high production values.

Our games are innovative and easy to pick-up-and-play. And of course, to put down and come back to later in the day! Longevity as a core game design feature is high on our priority list and we design our games to be replayed multiple times.

We have three titles currently in development. Our launch title is Pocket Wars: Protect or Destroy, followed by our TJ Savage: Space Investigator Demo, and our top-secret third title, which we really can’t talk about other than to say it’s very different from our other titles!

Our company name, Downsideup Games, is a play on being “upside down” and is attributed to our company mascot (over there on the right), who spends much of the time standing on his head. You’ll also find him in all of our games, and keep a good eye out for him as well as he likes to hide and may reveal a fun Easter egg!

Thanks for visiting our website!